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    Holiday Attire Guide for Kids

    For many families, the holidays mean parties and special occasions, many of which your children will attend. Making sure the kids look festive, composed, and weather-appropriate – all while staying within budget – can seem like a challenge, but at CookiesKids.com you can get a great deal on a holiday-ready outfit for your boy or girl. Check out our tips below!


    For young ladies we carry special occasion dresses to fit any event and budget. With a selection like ours, choosing a style your little one will love won’t be difficult. But if you foresee your girl wearing the same dress to several events this season, take a second look at the washing instructions. Many special occasion dresses are either dry clean or hand wash only, so social butterflies might want to choose a dress that’s machine washable.

    Some special occasion dresses come pre-accessorized, but even if she chooses one that is not, a shiny new purse or a pair of shoes with some extra dazzle can be a great way to give her holiday look something extra. Similarly, a fine shrug is the perfect thing to make sure her shoulders don’t get cold. Well-chosen dress accessories can last far beyond the holiday season and are easily incorporated into all sorts of fun outfits.


    One easy, ready-to-wear option for boys is a 4-piece vest set.  A vest set includes a vest, dress pants, a button-down shirt, and a tie or bowtie. We also carry a large number of 5-piece suits, which add a coordinating blazer to the items in a vest set. All items are pre-matched and high quality, so a good suit or set can be all you need to get him through those holiday events in style (and, if he doesn’t grow too much, it should last through Easter as well).

    Coordinated suits work great alone, but the addition of a cardigan, sweater, or coat can create a more customized look. A sweater under a sportcoat can be a comfy and snazzy ensemble for boys, while a duffel coat to go atop his outfit will lend an air of distinction far beyond his everyday puffer jacket.   

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