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    Homework Help: Dos and Don’ts

    Homework Help: Dos and Don’ts

    Homework Help: Do’s and Don’ts

    As the school year begins anew, kids across the country are becoming reacquainted with their old nemesis, homework. Some may not like it, but homework helps students sharpen their skills, retain the knowledge they acquire at school, and think independently. Almost all kids will need some kind of homework help during their academic career. This post covers how you can help out… without helping too much.

    Don’t Do Their Homework

    Never complete an assignment for your child, under any circumstances. Not only is it cheating, it teaches your child that they can call you in to rescue them. Instead, set them up for success by helping them stay organized and motivated. Ask about upcoming assignments and tests. Your child needs to know that you know – and care about – what’s going on in their academic life.

    You don’t have to hover, but if you’re at home while your child does their homework, you can check in to ensure they’re giving it their full effort. As long as they spend a sufficient amount of time, without distractions, they should be okay. Don’t get hung up on checking answers – that’s the teacher’s job.

    Do Be Proactive

    Many parents don’t realize their kids are having problems until report cards are mailed out. By then the semester is already over, and while it’s not too late, bouncing back from bad grades can be a psychological struggle. Nip problems in the bud by acting at the first sign of trouble, like a bad grade on a test, project, or assignment. If you see some bad marks, don’t discourage your child; formulate a plan to strengthen their abilities in that subject.

    Do Reach Out to the Teacher

    When kids get to junior high or high school, you may find you don’t have enough knowledge about the subject at hand to be helpful. This can be especially tough if your child is struggling in that subject. In these kinds of situations it is totally appropriate to reach out to the teacher.


    Don’t Get Discouraged

    A teacher can give your child extra attention, and also provide information about tutoring, test-prep, study groups, and other free services your school district may offer. Making sure your child has the right motivation and support is instrumental to their success. You don’t need to be an expert in every subject they are studying. Just make sure they put forth the effort and take available help when they need it.

    Happy school year from the CookiesKids.com Team!

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