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    Kids Fall Fashion Trends: It’s All About Accessories and Layers

    Kids Fall Fashion Trends: It’s All About Accessories and Layers

    Kids Fall Fashion Trends

    When it comes to kids fall fashion trends, it’s all about accessories and layers! As the mercury drops, children will need to cover up to stay warm. However, there’s no need to sacrifice style. All they need are the right combinations of clothing and accessories to stand out.

    Fun Ways to Accessorize

    Look for 2-in-1 options. Like many little girls, my daughter loves anything that shines and sparkles. Especially relevant, CookiesKids.com has several tops that come with built-in necklaces and charms, so this makes it easy to kill two birds with one stone.

    Her pick? Star Ride’s “Ruched Overlay” long-sleeved top that features a tiered necklace. The accessory is already paired with the top, that way I don’t have to search for a necklace to match her shirt. On laundry days, I just unclip the chain, wash, and reattach when dry.


    Add a scarf to create a beautiful drape. Not only will this cute accessory keep your kiddo warm, it can also take any outfit to the next level. My daughter loves the One Step Up “Love to Ride” top that comes with a pretty matching scarf, especially on chilly fall mornings.


    Create Awesome Styles with Layers

    Layers are the way to go for the fall season. A typical autumn day consists of cool or chilly temperatures in the morning and milder conditions by the afternoon. As a result, my kids usually wear a sweater on their way to school in the morning, while most afternoons are nice enough for a T-shirt.

    When it comes to cute shirts for little girls, faux layer tops offer both style and comfort this season. In addition to a detachable tiered necklace, Star Ride’s “Ruched Overlay” top (above) has a long-sleeved overlay attached to a graphic T. The all-in-one shirt, when paired with a simple pair of jeans, adds flair to her overall look.


    Dressing in layers is great because it allows kids the flexibility of adding or subtracting away fabrics. My handsome little guy prefers to wear his fire truck sweatshirt on cool mornings. As temps warm up in the afternoon, it’s back to sporting his long sleeved T-shirt.

    More than Just Fashion

    Kids fall fashion is all about combining looks, because having the right accessories and adding layers are key to making any outfit pop. But as the saying goes, less is more. Even though some people may say school isn’t about fashion, I believe that when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you do have the confidence to do well, too!


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