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    Let’s Redecorate!


    Why Kids Redecorate

    Kids get the impulse to redecorate and rearrange their room for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s a way growing youngsters assert their personal taste. There are also practical considerations; a room designed for grade school playtime is probably not conducive to high school studying. Parents often step in to help with redecorating, as it offers an opportunity to clear the clutter and create a more harmonious home. But what else can you do to ensure your child’s room redecoration is a success?

    Make a Plan

    Make sure that whatever your child does to their room, the plan includes a proper study space. A small desk with a bit of storage will last most kids through Junior High School. Older kids need a large desk where they can keep a computer, notebooks, and textbooks. Shelving and storage built into the desk will make it easy to keep everything in one place, but if this kind desk is out of your budget check out some of these cheap and easy DIY desk ideas.


    Think Long-Term

    When it comes to choosing décor, that’s really up to you and your child. However, try to avoid going with a theme that has a short shelf life. They may love One Direction or Justin Bieber now, but what about in 3 years? Stick to something broader and let your kids customize with posters and other easy-to-change items. Also, go for inexpensive homemade options where possible. Saving on store-bought curtains might let you go all-out on a Disney Princess canopy bed.

    Shared Space

    If any of your children share a room with a sibling, choosing a theme may be more difficult. See if they can agree on a theme, but if they can’t, divide the room clearly so that they can split it between their interests. Playing the mediator now will help avoid future decorating disagreements.

    Clean House

    When redecoration day rolls around, help your child create the throw-away pile. Old furniture, clothing they don’t wear anymore, last year’s school assignments – get rid of these kinds of things so the room is closer to a blank slate. But when it comes time to doing the actual decorating, it might be time to step back. If they want to do it on their own, let them. Having a room they’re free to decorate however they want, free of your influence, is an important step in their independence.

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