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    Making the Most of Family Movie Night

    Making the Most of Family Movie Night

    Make a New Tradition with Family Movie Night

    Parents are always on the lookout for ways to increase family time. But if getting your family together can be tougher than it seems. Luckily, a family movie night provides an easy and affordable way to anchor a recurring family activity on everyone’s calendar. Do it right, and family movie night will become everyone’s favorite night of the week.

    Have a Plan

    Every family member should have the opportunity to share a movie they love. Create a rotating schedule for who gets to pick the movie, and have them explain their selection. If it’s a movie they’ve seen, let them explain why they like it; if it’s something they want to see, they can discuss what enticed them. You never know, you just might learn something about that family member you didn’t know before! Family members who didn’t pick the movie can take care of other necessary movie night tasks, such as preparing snacks (go for a mix of healthy options and comfort faves), and making sure the living room is tidy and comfortable.


    Get Creative

    You want family movie night to feel special, to be an event, so if you can think of activity tie-ins to your movie, be sure to plan those, too. Fans of horror movies might consider scaring the pajamas off their family with a loud noise at a well-timed moment. Watching a mafia movie? Don’t forget the pizza and fettucine. Rom-com watchers, make sure to stock up on extra tissues.

    Keep the Fun Going

    Save time at the end of the movie to have a family discussion. What did people like or dislike? What would you change about the movie? Any ideas for a sequel? You shouldn’t have a hard time getting family members to share their opinions. Expert movie buffs can even devise their own family rating systems.

    The movies themselves will be great, but the family time spent before and after will ultimately prove more rewarding. So, what are you waiting for? You’re first up! What movie are you going to share this week?

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