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    Maximizing the School Uniform

    Some girls dread wearing their school uniform because they feel it stops them from expressing themselves through fashion. Although a uniform can be limiting, almost any school dress code has some room for improvisation. Let’s take a look at some fun items and unique ways to help your little lady make her school uniform more her!

    At first glance this may appear like any other button-down blouse. Chances are an item just like this one, or a polo shirt, are the cornerstone of your daughter’s school uniform. But look deeper and you’ll find we carry hundreds of variations with different cuts, colors, collars, and more! Mixing it up allows your daughter to subtly modify her everyday look.

    A character backpack is a great way to let her personality shine. This one features Tori from VicTORIous, a fun musical note print, and comfortable padded straps. She can also ditch the backpack altogether and go for a fashionable messenger bag or a convenient rolling bag.

    Fun hair accessories are another way to break the monotony of a daily school getup. This floral headband will make her feel special while in her uniform. Pair it with some matching jewelry and you can create some really special looks.

    Even if it’s not required by your child’s school, a good tie can really take a school uniform look to the next level, adding a touch of grosgrain shine and an extra pop of color. 

    Many school uniforms require knee-high socks. She can avoid traditional blacks, browns, and blue and instead go for something with a bit more pop. These SpongBob socks are the perfect mix of quirky charm and all-day comfort. 

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