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    Meditating with Children

    Meditating with Children

    Meditating with Children

    With increasing numbers of Americans – children and adults alike – experiencing stress, it’s no surprise that people are turning to meditation for relief. Meditation and mindfulness practices (the focused awareness of the present moment) are becoming more popular both in school curricula and outside the classroom. Is meditating with children another fad, or can it offer tangible benefits to children and families?

    Countless studies have linked meditation to increased happiness, less stress, better sleep, and greater overall health. Almost all these studies, however, focused on adults. The effects of meditation on children are studied far less, though the few existing studies do point to similar benefits in kids.


    Anyone can Meditate

    One of the things that makes meditation so appealing is that everyone can do it. Meditation doesn’t require equipment or physical talent; after a few initial lessons, all you need to do is take the time to practice every day. Because it’s universally accessible and offers a way to calm kids down, schools across the country are experimenting with making meditation part of the curriculum.

    However, not everyone is singing the praises of meditation in schools. Some parents think meditation is simply a waste of time when many schools are cutting back on things like art and physical education. Other parents have sued schools, claiming that the teaching of meditation is tantamount to the promotion of Eastern Religions, such as Zen Buddhism. Although meditation is rooted in spirituality, it isn’t necessarily religious. Most meditation classes cater to people of all beliefs.

    Meditation at Home

    As schools experiment with meditation in the classroom, parents are trying meditation at home. Some parents take mediation classes with a child in the hopes of lessening the child’s symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Other parents simply want their kids to be calmer, less stressed, or more focused.

    Meditating with children is definitely worth trying if you think it could benefit you and your family. Chances are there are free or low-cost meditation classes in your area; if not, browse the dearth of information and videos online. Try it for a few weeks with your family and see if you notice a change. Contact us through our Facebook page and let us know how it went!

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