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    Meet the Cookie’s Kids Brand Ambassadors

    Meet the Cookie’s Kids Brand Ambassadors

    The Cookie’s Kids brand ambassadors have arrived! We’ve assembled a team of unique moms to share their insights on our products. Videos, photos, and reviews are coming soon.



    “The Melanin Gawddess” is 23-year-old Shakiema. She is a lifestyle, beauty, and parenting blogger from Brooklyn, New York. Her daughter is her biggest inspiration and motivation to keep writing.



    Shandi is a Colorado native, living in Texas, and a proud mama to three amazing children. Being a work-at-home mom, homeschooler, autism mom and advocate, and a public school mom puts a lot on her plate. However, as her 100-year-old grandmother always says, “I am built for this life.”


    @ the_candace_is_gr8

    Candace is a social media maven and mother to two daughters nicknamed Sassy and Smooshie. Sassy is the self-proclaimed #eightyearoldfashionista. Smooshie is 6 months old and loves biting and eating everything she can get her little hands on.

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