Hey there guys,

    This is my little sister Rachel. Maybe you remember her from all the pictures I put up on this thing. Those of you who have been following along may remember that she has not been in the best of care when she is with my dad on weekends. In the past year three big things have happened:

    1. She ate a bunch of my grandmother’s Parkinson’s medications and my father did not think it was necessary to take her to the E.R. even though she was dry heaving and non-responsive until my brother freaked out and called my mom.
    2. While bringing in groceries, he neglected to see if she had entered the house and she wandered off for a couple of hours. Neighbors and the police searched the subdivision and the wooded area behind my dad’s house. She was eventually found.
    3. A few weeks ago Rachel was brought home to my dad’s by the police. She had walked out of the house sometime in the early morning with no clothes on. My dad has no locks on his doors. A neighbor saw her and threw a t-shirt on her and called the cops. They then went door-to-door until they found my dad’s house. He was told child services would be contacted. He neglected to tell my mother anything about this incident and she had to get details from the police records.

    My sister has Down syndrome and isn’t as verbal as other seven-year-olds. If she is lost, she can’t always say what her address is or her phone number. She’s a brave little thing and my dad lives near a giant river.

    My mom is in this huge court ordeal trying to get full custody of Rachel with supervised visits for my dad. He is acting very childish, slandering my mom and refusing to change his behavior or act like he has done anything wrong.

    I’ve set up this site: Keep Rachel Safe at Home and we are hoping that this could possibly help with the lawyer’s fees. My mom works extremely hard to give Rachel the best home environment possible, and if you can spare a dollar or two it would be so appreciated. I know that times are always tough, so if you can’t manage to donate, just send us some good thoughts and pass this on if you can.

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