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    Picnic Menu Upgrade

    Picnic Menu Upgrade


    Picnics are a fantastic way to spend treasured time with family and friends, enjoying the fresh air and warm temperatures. We’ve compiled some unique recipes to provide inspiration for your next picnic.

    Fried or baked chicken 🍗 is a picnic staple and a perfect place to begin. In sandwich or skewer form, it’s a great option for your picnic menu because it can be enjoyed either cold or hot. Click to view a few unique recipes for this versatile protein🐔 🍍 🍈 :

    Spicy Orange and Sesame Chicken Sandwich

    Fresh Papaya and Chicken Spring Rolls

    Pineapple Mango Tropical Chicken Skewers


    Corn is a classic choice for a picnic menu, so here’s a recipe with a zesty upgrade! 🌽

    Chile-Lime Corn Wheels

    Bake Ahead

    In addition, here are a pair of unique, “bake-ahead” recipes that include savory and sweet flavors for snacking or dessert: 🍅 🍪

    Tomato-Manchengo Tartlets

    Carrot Cake Cookies

    Speaking of snacks, what’s outdoor fun without a delightful trail mix? Trail mix is easy, fast, and almost always a crowd favorite. Try these surprisingly tasty recipes if you need a trail mix upgrade!  🍯 🍫

    Honey Sriracha Chex Mix

    2 Ingredient Organic Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Energy Bites

    If your child’s a picky eater, use creativity to turn mundane food items into delightful treats! In addition, pierce hand cut shapes or balls of fruit with a straw, creating a kid-friendly fruit skewer. 🍡

    Mini Sandwiches

    Mini sandwiches shaped by hand or with a cookie-cutter create sandwich bouquets 🌼 that are perfect for little hands. Find more kind-friendly picnic ideas


    With the menu finally covered, make sure that you and your guests are as well by packing sunscreen. ☀
    Most of all, every picnicker should try to leave their picnic spot just as perfect for the next visitor, so don’t forget to bring along trash bags. Mother Nature thanks you! 🌏


    Seneca A. Iscove is a blogger and frequent contributor to CookiesKids.com. Born and raised in NYC, she affiliates with other fairies and Jedi on the never-ending quest to find the perfect time to write. A mass media enthusiast and truth seeker, Seneca admits that she likes cookies-but prefers birthday cake!

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