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    Pop Quiz: What’s Your Style?

    Pop Quiz: What’s Your Style?

    This quick quiz lets kids figure out what kind of look they’re most likely to choose. It’s designed for kids and parents to take together. Your answer to each question gives you a specific number of points:

    Answer a) = 1 point

    Answer b) = 2 points

    Answer c) = 3 points

    Answer d) = 4 points

    At the end, add up your total points and click the button to reveal your style!

    1. It’s snowing! What are you most excited to do?

    a. Make an Instagram story of your DIY snowman manicure

    b. Decide which sweater to wear

    c. Grab a sled and head outside

    d. Bingewatch the latest season of The Flash (again)

    2. What’s the one thing you can’t leave the house without?

    a. Lip gloss

    b. A  scarf

    c. Your favorite pair of sneakers

    d. Your lucky time-turner necklace from when you visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    3. Pick a pattern:

    a. Metallic stars

    b. Stripes

    c. Lumberjack plaid

    d. Emoji print

    4. If you could pick a theme for your bedroom, what would it be?

    a. Gold and leopard print

    b. Pastel on pastel

    c. Your favorite team’s colors

    d. Your favorite superhero

    5. If you were a flower you’d be:

    a. A rose

    b. A lily

    c. A sunflower

    d. A petunia

    6. Your favorite kinds of pants are:

    a. Skinny jeans

    b. Bermuda shorts

    c. Joggers

    d. Jeans

    7. You just won a fantasy vacation! Where do you go?

    a. Paris

    b. Nantucket

    c. The Olympics

    d. New Zealand

    8. If you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be?

    a. Coco Chanel

    b. Martha Stewart

    c. LeBron James

    d. Batman

                               Got your results? Click below to reveal your style!

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