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    Rainy Day Fun for Everyone!

    If the last rainy day you spent inside with your child was full of tears, boredom, and tantrums – not to mention what your child was doing – then it’s time to take control. Check out these ideas to add a splash of fun to you and your children’s next rainy day together!

    Start Moving!

    Try to work some physical activity into your rainy day plans. This can range from jumping jacks to a spontaneous dance party. Lead your child on some Russell Simmons-style workout video antics – always good for a laugh. Looking for something less sweaty? Let your child put on a bathing suit and goggles and go for a “swim” in the tub – with your supervision, of course. Or try a scavenger hunt around the house. Once your child has found all the items you’ve hidden for them, try hiding some treats for the family pooch.

    Kitchen Fun

    Rainy day meals are always an excuse for fun projects in the kitchen. Try out a new recipe, or make an old favorite. If your child is up for an adventure, play a food guessing game with them: blindfold your child and see if they can guess various food items you give them. This can actually be a great way to get kids to try certain veggies for the first time.

    Get Crafty

    Got an arts and crafts box in your home? Rainy days are a prime time to bring it out. If “What should I draw?” is a common question, keep a box full of small objects and cutouts from magazines to supply a wide range of topics. Looking for some crafting ideas? Check out some of these!

    Roll the Dice

    Rainy days are always more fun when you and your children let your imaginations run wild. If your child has a favorite board game, a rainy day is a great time to play it, but try making up some new rules, too. Or make up your own game entirely. Has your child ever made up their own country? Their own language? Their own holiday? Rainy days give you the time to explore these kinds of possibilities.

    Use Your Imagination

    And while these activities are kid-tested for fun, rainy days don’t have to be structured at all. They’re a rare chance to get totally lost in play with your child, so don’t let the instinct to do a million new things get in the way of doing what you and your child love the most.

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