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    Social Media Guidelines for Kids

    Social Media Guidelines for Kids

    Social Media Guidelines for Kids

    Social media has become a huge part of how kids interact, and it falls to parents to ensure those interactions stay positive. Duties like monitoring kids and helping them create a healthy balance between social media and daily life may seem daunting. This post will show you how to set social media guidelines for kids that will make you feel more comfortable. These guidelines will allow them to interact with friends and explore the world of social media, while still being safe and responsible.

    Getting Started

    The first step? Research. Familiarize yourself with social networks of all kinds. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat have earned their reputations as the giants of social media. You should also look at gaming websites, blogs, chat rooms, and message boards your child may frequent. Age limits and rules of conduct vary greatly, especially on less popular social networks. Parents should consider studying these guidelines in depth. Maintain your literacy regarding privacy rules – they can change whenever the software updates. Read the fine print!

    Acting Responsibly on the Internet

    Before you allow your child to sign on to a social network for the first time, have an informal assessment of their knowledge. This will give you a better understanding of where to focus your support. Have a frank discussion about what it means to have an online reputation. In addition, make sure your child understands how their digital footprint can affect their life now and in the future. Tweens and teens alike have limited capacity for self-regulation and will need your guidance as they face the risk of engaging in poor online behavior.

    Privacy Settings

    You can use helpful tools like privacy settings and monitoring and filtering software, but sometimes a written parent/child contract can work just as well. You’ll find that as with any other life lessons, simply setting a good example for your child will be their soundest guide. This means being more mindful than ever when posting yourself.

    The Benefits of Social Media Guidelines for Kids

    If you and your child follow these guidelines, you’ll soon realize the virtues of social media. It lets kids discover opportunities to engage in the community, can lend a hand in shaping a child’s sense of identity, and can help improve communication skills. The expansion of one’s online connections can also build respect and tolerance for others and lead to discourse about global issues. Finally, just remember to establish clear rules and boundaries for your child’s use of social networks, and keep tabs on both your child and the rules of the network.

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    Seneca A. Iscove is a blogger and frequent contributor to CookiesKids.com. Born and raised in NYC, she affiliates with other fairies and Jedi on the never-ending quest to find the perfect time to write. A mass media enthusiast and truth seeker, Seneca admits that she likes cookies-but prefers birthday cake!

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