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    Staying Warm this Winter

    Staying Warm this Winter

    Staying Warm this Winter

    Winter is here and CookiesKids.com has tips on all the gear that kids need to stay warm and happy this season.

    But outerwear, even kids’ outerwear, can include a lot of technical features. This makes it difficult to decide what’s right for your child. We’ll take an in-depth look at outerwear to make buying the right jackets, gloves, boots, and gear easy as pumpkin pie.

    Winter Jackets

    Every parent knows the importance of a good winter jacket. If you live in a cold, snowy area, make sure you choose a jacket with a weather-resistant exterior. Winter jackets usually have either a silky polyester or microfleece lining. Microfleece is softer to the touch, but needs to be cleaned more often because it absorbs sweat. Silky poly is not quite as warm as microfleece, but doesn’t need to be cleaned as often and can sometimes be wiped down instead of machine washed.

    A jacket’s lining is important, but typically the amount and quality of insulation will be a better indicator of how warm a jacket is. Our glossary below has more information on various winter jacket features, functions, and terminology. Whatever your budget and needs, rest assured we have hundreds of warm, weather-resistant jackets for every budget.

    Winter Gloves

    Because the head and hands lose heat more quickly than the rest of the body, winter accessories sets can be just important as a quality jacket or parka. Buying a set with gloves, a scarf and a hat is always cheaper than buying those items individually (our sets start at under $10). Plus, when you get a set, you know everything will match. Sets made of knit cotton, acrylic, or polyester are great for staying warm and are soft to the touch. However, they are typically not waterproof. For kids playing winter sports, it’s probably worthwhile to invest in some weatherproof gloves (like these The North Face gloves).


    Winter Boots

    Finally, winter footwear is equally as important as outerwear and accessories. Although various boots claim to be all-weather, the best cold weather performance you can find comes from snow boots. Kids usually prefer boots with either Velcro closures or bungee clasps because these kinds of boots are easily adjustable and don’t need to be constantly tied and untied.

    Outerwear Glossary

    Weatherproof: Designed for winter sports performance, tested at the most extreme temperatures, and completely impervious to snow, ice, and water.

    Weather-Resistant: Keeps out water and snow but not necessarily designed for the most extreme conditions.

    Down Insulation: Feather filling designed for maximum warmth.

    Synthetic Insulation: Fiber filling designed for lightweight warmth.

    System Jacket: A jacket with a removable lining and, as a result, is the most versatile.

    Elastic/Adjustable Cuffs: Cuffs that create a seal at the wrist or ankle, keeping in warmth and blocking out snow.

    Handwarmer Pockets: Easily accessible front pockets for warming hands.

    Media Port: A special pocket for phones and music players, with a passage for headphones.

    Zipper Cover: A placket that goes over the zipper, preventing warmth from escaping.

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