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    Supporting Your Introverted Child

    Supporting Your Introverted Child

    Introverted vs. Shy

    Introversion is a personality trait often confused with shyness. An introverted person enjoys time alone. A shy person doesn’t necessarily want to be alone, but is afraid to interact with others. While therapy often helps a shy person, it can cause stress in an introvert and lead to problems with self-esteem. Introverted people are more inward in their thinking and feeling. Introverts expend energy from social interaction, while most extroverts actually gain energy. Consequently introverts become drained by large social settings and require time alone to recharge. Their preference of interacting with the world around them tends to be viewed as anti-social; however, introverts are just as socially capable as their extroverted peers.

    Parenting an Introverted Child

    The trick for parenting an introverted child is to support and honor their personality while not forcing them into what is considered normal behavior. Because introverts tend to feel overstimulated more easily, they require tools to manage a healthy balance in life.  For example, after a full day of school and activities, your child probably needs immediate time alone. Resist the urge to barrage them with questions and allow them time to process their day.  Share your thoughts with your child about what it means to be introverted. It’s vital that your child understands that they are every bit as normal as their extroverted peers, and do not need to change.


    Avoiding Overstimulation

    The holidays are rife with forced social settings, and parents should assist their child with managing this over-stimulation.  In addition, be steadfast in your support and work together with your child to balance a healthy social life with a comfortable environment.


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