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    Take Better Pictures: Toddlers

    Tamara from Mamarazzi & Co. always posts extremely informative tips and tricks on how to make everyday photos unforgettable memories.

    Recently, she posted her tips on how to get a toddler interested in looking at the camera when you want to take a picture:

    I hate to admit it, but there is definitely a reason cheesy mall photographers have giant stuffed animals they wave frantically above their heads. Sometimes, gimmicks are totally necessary. 

    This is an oldie, but I told Ben here (my bestie’s oldest boy, and two at the time) that there was a fish swimming in my lens, and could he find it for me. He caught on pretty quick, but I managed to get a few of these just for fun before losing his faith and trust in mankind for good.

    If she’s saying nuh-uh, you’ve definitely got a steeper hill to climb. You could try:

    • Showing her a picture frame and asking her if she’d like to help you put an extra special picture in it, one even more extra special than the rest, and to help she has to look up, smile nice, or whatever you’re hoping for. 
    • Showing her a photo album and asking what photo she’d like to see in there next. 
    • Approach the task at hand at her most amenable and happy time of the day. 
    • Ask her to play ‘peek-a-boo’ with the camera around a corner while you’re ready and waiting to snap away. 
    • Ask her where she’d like to have her picture taken, and let her choose the setting such as her bed, the backyard, etc. 
    • I have a camera that I got at a yard sale for $2 that doesn’t work, but I let kids under 4yrs play with. I let them “take” a picture of me, and then me of them, back and forth and turn it into a game they feel a part of. We just sit across the floor from each other and I make like I’m shocked if they try to shoot me before their turn, which usually results in giggles. 
    • Change and surprise by the angle, meaning get down on the floor with her to play or try an aerial shot.
    • Get your settings perfected on an inanimate object before turning your attention to her every time so she doesn’t tire while you sort your buttons. 
    • Ride it out. Could and probably is a stage, and it should pass. In the meantime, keep taking a billion and one pics but keep it light, fun and not ‘in her face’ so she doesn’t start to feel it’s a chore. 


    Have any toddler photos or tips of your own for us to try? We’d love to hear from you!

    You can comment down below or respond with a photo reply if you are logged into Tumblr!

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