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    Taking Better Family Photos

    With lots of camera options and social media built for sharing photos, it’s easier than ever to take pictures of your family and post them for loved ones to see. But many new photographers end up making some rookie mistakes. Ready to step it up and become the ultimate family photographer? Here’s a some tips on how to make your family photos picture-perfect.


    Be Prepared

    If your camera is your mobile device, it’s easy to always have it at the ready. If not, be sure you bring your camera along for events with your family. Capture everyday moments like playdates, meals, and family time as well as holidays and vacations. Having a variety of pictures makes for a more interesting collection and ultimately creates a richer reflection of your life.

    Quality Over Quantity

    Some photographers get overexcited at the prospect of a big event and end up snapping hundreds of pics. Avoid this. Take a deep breath and study the scene. The right moments will present themselves.

    Stage It

    …and if a great spontaneous moment passes you by, don’t hesitate to recreate it. After all, some of the great photos in history were staged. Years later, when you look back on your pictures or show them to others, you probably won’t even remember that you are looking at a redo.

    The Eyes Have It

    Zero in on the eyes when you take a photograph; not only will eye contact make for an engaging photo, but if the eyes are in focus chances are the rest of your child will be as well.

    Get Down

    When taking a picture of a young child, get down on their level. You don’t want exclusively bird’s-eye-view shots of your little ones.


    Less Flash

    The flash feature on many phones and digital cameras tends to wash out faces and give your subjects a ghostly look. Avoid it unless it’s absolutely necessary. Instead, take pictures in the morning or afternoon when there is the most natural light. When you are indoors, try turning on an extra lamp before you use the flash.

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