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    The Value of Reading

    The Value of Reading

    For too many children, reading is a chore and something limited to school, homework, and summer reading. But the benefits of reading go far beyond the classroom. When kids read a book alone or with the help of a parent, they strengthen their visualization skills and develop empathy towards others. Many studies show a relationship between reading and increased productivity and concentration. There are lots of ways to help your kids love reading, so read on for our tips on how to spark your children’s interest.


    Become a Reader Yourself

    Children learn by example, so the best way to instill a love of reading in your children is to be a reader yourself! You don’t have to read a novel a week, but if your children see you occasionally enjoying a book they’ll be more inspired to start reading themselves.

    Visit the Library

    Another option to get your children interested in reading is to visit your local library. Getting a library card is like getting a passport to travel the world, and it’s almost always a simple process to apply for one. Notice which books your child seems drawn to so you can further encourage them. Most libraries have kid-centric readings and fun activities like book clubs, so try to make a trip to the library a regular family affair.


    Pick Up a Magazine

    Children’s magazines are also a great way to help kids love reading. The colorful pictures and images help them understand the context of the accompanying words. They also usually contain puzzles or games that engage their active imaginations. You can pick a magazine based around a character or toy, like Peppa Pig or Thomas and Friends, or go with an educational title like National Geographic Kids. Plus, magazines can be reused in collages and other fun art projects!


    What were some of your favorite books, magazines, and comic books to read as a child? Share your comments with us on Facebook!

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