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    Why Art Instruction Matters

    Why Art Instruction Matters

    While you may not realize it, art instruction is an essential part of the development of your child’s brain, specifically their creativity and expression.

    You’ve probably heard that the brain consists of two parts. The left hemisphere is typically responsible for logical thinking and linear processes, while the right hemisphere is more concerned with feelings, imagination, and creativity. When a child learns core subjects in school, such as math and history, the left side of the brain is often engaged while the right side is typically neglected. For the brain to be efficient, however, both hemispheres must work together, which makes art instruction integral to your child’s development.

    Art Forms

    Art comes in many forms. There’s visual art, which consists of drawing, painting, fiber arts, and photography. The performing arts encompass theater, film, music, and dance. Last, but not least, literary art includes creative writing, essays, and poetry. No matter which route your child takes, engaging in this type of activity will benefit him or her in the long-run.

    At first glance, art might not seem necessary in a child’s life, but the benefits are manifold. For example, art teaches kids to experiment with new ways of thinking instead of just following directions. This type of experimentation and problem-solving has numerous applications in a person’s life. Art also exposes kids to different cultures, which enables them to appreciate diversity. Fine motor skills are also improved when art is introduced at an early age.

    Then, there are the unexpected advantages. Believe it or not, art instruction has been known to promote self-esteem, help filter emotions, and increase motivation in students. Furthermore, when art is taught in schools, studies show that student attendance has been known to increase, student dropout rates often decrease, and children are given a better appreciation for learning. Especially with kids spending so much time on their smartphones and tablets these days, it’s more important than ever for the next generation to learn to express themselves creatively.

    Art in the Home

    Is your child getting enough art instruction? If your child’s school doesn’t offer art classes, or you have minimal access to extracurricular activities in the area, encourage your child to express their creative side in the following ways:

    • Spend family time together exploring different art forms by going to museums, seeing a play, or attending a concert.
    • Make sure your child has access to craft supplies such as paper, pencils, and crayons.
    • Always encourage your budding artist by saving his/her artwork. You may even hang a few pieces on the refrigerator for all to see.
    • Regardless of whether or not you are artistic, create something with your child. This can be as simple as crafting a paper snowflake or working with them on a handmade birthday card for a family member.
    • What better way to inspire your kids to be creative than with their very own art smock from Cookie’s?





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