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    Why Is Breastfeeding Best for Baby?

    Why Is Breastfeeding Best for Baby?

    Why It’s Important to Breastfeed

    Most new moms know that breastfeeding is the optimal choice for a healthy baby and mother. However, not as many new mothers know why the decision to breastfeed is superior to using formula. Let’s go in-depth and explore why breastfeeding is the best choice for your baby.

    The Health Benefits of Breastfeeding

    Babies who breastfeed tend to be significantly healthier, experiencing fewer ear infections, colds, and digestive problems. When you breastfeed, not only are you giving your infant healthy nutrition but your body is also sharing disease-fighting antibodies. Your immune system passes on years of illness-fighting information to your baby through your breast milk, and this is something that simply cannot be replicated by formula. These benefits go far beyond baby’s first years and last through childhood, possibly even longer.

    In addition, breastfeeding also makes mom healthier. The act of breastfeeding sends chemical signals that tell your body to return to pre-pregnancy mode. Breastfeeding shrinks the uterus, burns calories (woohoo!), and reduces the risk of breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.


    Bonding Through Breastfeeding

    Many moms grow to enjoy breastfeeding because it’s a great opportunity to bond with their baby. Breastfeeding releases “bonding hormones” in both mom and baby, and experts suggest that very new moms can also
    get a boost of energy and happiness from breastfeeding. These positive hormonal signals promote confidence in new parents so it’s your body’s way of giving you a pat on the back and telling you you’re doing an awesome job with your new infant.

    Also–It’s Free

    In addition, there’s also a financial benefit to breastfeeding–it’s free! Even if you need breast pumps, bottles, and other breastfeeding equipment, these one-time costs are small when compared to the cost of buying infant formula. Although breastfeeding mothers do need to consume an extra 500 calories a day, a slight increase in the grocery bill is a small price to pay.


    A Lifelong Investment

    With so many benefits to breastfeeding, doctors agree that any mom physically capable of doing so, should. Breastfeed your infant today and unlock a lifetime on benefits for you and baby.

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